Praise for Spirit Doorways Images

Learning to see love and to express that love is the purpose of living this life. What's real has love at its heart; the universe is constructed from love, and that love is very much tied to our power of attention and imagination.

Fred Alan Wolf

Praise for Spirit Doorways Images

I love your cards!! They have such a lovely and profound energy. I can really get the energy and love you put into them. And it is so good that they have been part of your healing.

Sandra Ingerman, co-author of Awakening to the Spirit World
Santa Fe, New Mexico


You are an amazing artist and amazing woman and I am so honored to see this beautiful website and the remarkable and magical images you’ve created. Wow, I know so many people will love and benefit from your incredible work.

Jean Haner, author of The Wisdom of Your Face
Encinitas, CA


You have been on a long and difficult journey but have gone deeply into the ground source of your own being and have gathered a rich harvest of insight and healing. I am so pleased to have heard from you and to have access to all the wonderful images you have put on your website. All this devoted work we are doing is surely having a beneficent influence on this tormented world.

Anne Baring, author of The Divine Feminine
United Kingdom


Janice's 'Spirit Doorways' cards are a wonderful divination aid. The pictures speak directly to the parts of you in need of awakening, healing or energizing. Beautiful! I cried when looking at the first one on the homepage, Spirit Doorways. I think for me it was to do with recognising the Spirit you're working with, my heart was so glad to see it!

Natalie Fee, poet, author
Glastonbury, United Kingdom


For more than two years now, your images have framed exciting entranceways to my ever-deepening spiritual practice. Through your visions, I have discovered a more sustained inner peace. Even when traveling, I make certain to bring some of your cards with me. Then, wherever I may be, I have a Spirit Doorway that can lead me to a calming place. Often, I merely gaze at a selected image and enjoy its beauty in the moment with no expectations. But nearly always, I find liberating insights. Thank you for these gifts. May your work continue to bless all who seek peace, wellness and beauty.

—Alan, Vietnam veteran
Portland, Oregon


Your images are in your own words, an extraordinary 'doorway' to deep meditation and at the same time, lovely pieces of art, visual poetry and spiritual allegory. You have brought so many strands of your own experiences together and created something totally new, moving and important. A beautiful collection of images to return to many times.

Rome, Italy

Your story is written with love and hope and will be an inspiration for anyone in need. Your work over these years on yourself and the cards will teach that love, patience and trust in our instincts will bring us to a place of understanding and acceptance of our own beauty.

—Gillian Robertson, energy healer
Rome, Italy 


I think of you and your work very much! I really do USE the print that you gave me, the mandala of Intent (#50). In my mind I also see The Transformer (#61) and kind of superimpose them on each other to keep my oars out of the water and my intent staying focused on manifesting! I also had the image of the woman with the burden (#42) present itself in my mind. Then I saw the geode (#43) cracking open as I realized that a burden of mine has suddenly becoming a blessing. I would like you to "own" that your art has been a touchstone for me and helped me move through a great deal of process.

—Tom C.
Portland, Oregon